Conservative alt-coin podcast hosts Drew Taylor and Brent Bates recently welcomed guests and the audience to a lively episode of their wildly popular Wild West Crypto Show. The program delved into “another week at the speed of crypto.” “Folks, let me tell you something. If you’re not diversified, out of just cash, out of just the stock market,” Taylor said, shooting straight with some cowboy friendly and common-sense advice to diversify into cryptos, gold, silver and other assets considering all that’s going on with the financial markets, Afghanistan and world events. The show also featured CryptoCurrencyWire’s Jonathan Keim, to discuss the three hottest stories of the week, as well as the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Brent’s Over the Fencepost and Taylor’s Cowboy Logic segments. A special guest to the program was the hosts’ long-time buddy, Ronnie Moas, to discuss his book, filled with amazing stories of a time he literally walked 10,000 miles around the world with photographs detailing every bit of his journey. “I have just this insatiable appetite to travel. I mean you only live once, and I always knew, from the time I was in high school, that marriage/kids was not for me. I was not cut out for that . . . I did something that most people would never be able to do,” Moas says, discussing his long trek as well as a recent experience of seeing the beauty of Montana for the first time and his earliest travel days. “My first big trip was actually at age 35. I hadn’t traveled that much . . . I went to Thailand, Japan and Hawaii, and I just got hooked.”

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