The episode covers another wild week in crypto, with bitcoin breaking and staying fairly well above the 20K milestone. CryptoCurrencyWire’s Jonathan Keim also joined the show to share the latest and greatest from the cryptocurrency world.  Scott Heninger, the CEO of Carnomaly, also discussed creation of a new type of trading platform — one that benefits both consumers and dealers. “We’re bridging the gap between the car business and the crypto blockchain space. Basically, we have three separate entities in our ecosystem. We have, which is the site where you go to research cars, find a vehicle, find a dealer, learn about vehicles and find your next car. Then we’re going to have, which is going to provide vehicle history reporting but gamified with blockchain technology . . . So, you do services on your vehicle, maintenance, inspections, and you’ll actually earn points that will help to get you money for your vehicle, monetizing that scoring system later on down the road. And everything will be recorded into the blockchain. The third part is CarrDeFi. Basically, we’re allowing people that hold crypto and car tokens to actually become the bank and loan to borrowers . . . using cryptocurrency and earning interest and returns from the people paying back those loans. So, all of this will come together to our ecosystem.”

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