CryptoCurrencyWire’s Jonathan Keim then shined the spotlight on the latest and greatest in the world of cryptocurrencies. Perhaps the most authentically wild part of the show was spent on the hosts’ takes on the recent crazy ride of cryptos. Taylor described cryptos of late as “bucking like bodacious” and asked viewers whether they stayed on for the eight-second ride or ran for the fences. Bates then gave his view, spicing things up like Texas-style barbecue with some cowboy friendly investment advice. “Look, this ain’t my first rodeo,” he said, with a knowing grin followed with some cowboy logic. “Just relax. If you stay in crypto long enough, you’re gonna see this multiple times again… You know, folks, the closest you’ll ever get to being an actual entrepreneur is investing in an early stage startup. You get a little flavor, and, I’m telling you, it’s just a little flavor for those of us who are entrepreneurs that start something. Bootstrapping it out of the garage, or whatever it starts out at… You’re gonna get that ride, and it’s what makes you enjoy it when you get to the bottom line and you make some good money.”

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