Conservative alt-coin podcast hosts Drew Taylor and Brent Bates recently welcomed guests and the audience to another episode of their wildly popular Wild West Crypto Show. The program took a somber turn to delve into current events in Afghanistan and remember service members and people who’ve given their lives for this country. The hosts split segments normally reserved for guests to discuss how global events will affect the markets, as well as share their takes on some wild times. Bates’ Over the Fence Post segment showcased his personal riled-up experience to encourage others to attend city council meetings. Taylor’s Cowboy Logic segment highlighted the topic of responsibility and the reasons our president needs to step up and take his full share. In addition, the hosts provided their insight on the roots of the USA in a unique comparison to cryptos. “The interesting thing is . . . we were the first fully decentralized government in the world. Every government before the U.S. government was centralized. There was either a centralized theocracy, monarchy or a dictator . . . We were the first to come along . . . and had some very wise men who set up a decentralized country,” Bates said. “And, in fact, cryptocurrency is going back to the roots of being decentralized. . .”

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