Jonathan Keim, communications director of CryptoCurrencyWire, appeared with another trio of exciting updates, kicking off with this headline: eToro Quarterly Report: Q2 2020, stablecoins find a mainstream use case ( Results of a recent study, conducted by social investment platform eToro and its market research unit, the Tie, indicate that adoption of cryptocurrencies and assets are increasing globally. It’s good to see headlines and anecdotal evidence substantiated with data from surveys.

In other news, Keim reported MasterCard’s increasing commitment to cryptos with the press release title: MasterCard Accelerates Crypto Card Partner Program, Making It Easier for Consumers to Hold and Activate Cryptocurrencies ( The card network, the second largest after VISA with a 30% market share, is actively recruiting cryptocurrency companies to join its Accelerate program for crypto-card issuers. Additionally, the network is collaborating with London-based, crypto-payment-processor Wirex, which makes the latter “the first ‘native’ cryptocurrency platform to gain principal membership.” The alliance allows Wirex to directly issue crypto payment cards. Now Wirex customers can top up their fiat currency designated payment cards using cryptocurrencies.

Keim’s final report — Banks in US Can Now Offer Crypto Custody Services, Regulator Says — shows that banks have found a safe way to get into the crypto space ( The Office of the Comptroller of Currencies, a major U.S. bank regulator, has given nationally chartered banks the green light to hold digital assets for their clients. On July 22, a senior official of the agency wrote a public letter stating that the OCC will allow banks to hold the unique cryptographic keys for a cryptocurrency wallet, opening the way for banks to provide electronic safety boxes for crypto customers. This development is one more indication that crypto adoption is continuing at rapid pace.

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