Keim reviews the latest and greatest happenings from the crypto world, including shining the spotlight on insight on Bloomberg’s Mike McGlone’s latest commentary on bitcoin being “less risky than the Dow.”  “For those who don’t know Mike, he is Bloomberg’s senior commodity strategist. So, definitely someone to pay attention to,” Keim says during the program. “He attributes bitcoin’s recent jump to a rising tide of institutional investors adopting the cryptocurrency. He now views $20,000 as the ‘extreme downside level’ that would only be revisited in case of a black swan event akin to the crash of the global markets back in March.” Polny provides a positive, faith-based perspective, advice to turn off the news and a solid reality check to viewers as he states, “Right now, you should be invested in precious metals, silver and gold. Right now, you should have cryptocurrencies if you’ve listened to our interviews over the past months… You should be invested; you should be in the game.”

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