Conservative alt-coin podcast hosts Drew Taylor and Brent Bates recently rounded up guests and the audience to a lively episode 140 of their wildly popular Wild West Crypto Show. Taking the reins in the week’s wild ride was bitcoin, its price climbing to a new all-time high of $22,000 at time of the show’s taping. The program also featured CryptoCurrencyWire’s Jonathan Keim to share the latest and greatest happenings in the crypto world, as well as David Kemmerer with to discuss a pain-relieving solution when preparing bitcoin and alt-currency taxes. The platform is a reliable crypto tax software and calculator that allows users to simply connect to their exchanges to import trades and download reports in minutes. Also among the wide range of rope-in ready topics was an explanation of what the traditional banks are planning as far as getting involved in crypto-related services and a down-home explanation of qualitative guidance. “My dad, my ‘pappy’ used to always tell me, you know, don’t listen to what they say, watch what they do,” Bates said when describing the guidance to watch out for in what looks to be major inflation coming down the road.

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