CryptoCurrencyWire’s Jonathan Keim also joined the program to highlight the latest and greatest in the world of cryptocurrencies. The show additionally welcomed in-house special guest — the late Rush Limbaugh’s cousin, Andy Limbaugh. Andy shined the spotlight on the early days of Rush’s career when he started “just really taking off” in the late 1989, early 1990 timeframe. Rush was concerned about the effect of his budding popularity on the national scale to the prominent Limbaugh family, attorneys and well-known figures in southeast Missouri. Now, with Rush’s passing, the story has come full circle as Andy discusses carrying on the legacy. “There are some things coming in the Limbaugh family that are going to help keep some of that legacy alive, and freedom, liberty and other things, right?” Taylor asks the younger Limbaugh cousin of what’s in store. Andy agreed that there is more and that all are going to do their best to “keep that ball moving down the field,” with a group effort, focus and thick skin required for what’s to come.

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